Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Writers Part 2

The award ceremony last night turned into a fun catch-up/chatting time with one of my favorite writing teachers who was there. She really pushed publication in the class I took from her, so I attribute at least half the joy of this night to her guidance. Thanks, Susan! It felt really good to share my writing with the group who attended, and I will post a link for others to read it as soon as the piece gets posted online. Besides the intangible, internal rewards I feel, there is a cash award on its way as well. Good times.

The other writers really wowed me! We heard a student from Singapore read his paper. He argued that it is not democracy or communism that drives a market, but property rights and a free market, if I understood him correctly. He cited examples where authoritarian governments have surpassed democracies in this regard. I was especially struck by the point he made that democracies have a tendency to do what is best for the country in the short run, but its leaders--governed by a clamoring populace--often fail to implement solid economic policy for the long haul. Timely observation, America! (interesting that he submitted this paper a year ago; a bit prophetic, no?)

Also, a different young man read his research paper on light pollution. Ha! I always, knew sleeping with the lights on messed up my body; so it was gratifying to have some research back up my instincts. Apparently the hormonal processes are greatly affected by cycles of light and dark.

Anyway, sorry my posts tend to get a bit long. Suffice to say, my Husby and I had a nice time last night at the writer's fest. (Though I ended up with no Brent Ashwood permit in the end, despite my serious efforts).


littlefamilyJLD said...

Congrats Courtney!

Gena said...

Congratulations!! (From Jeff too!)

Valerie said...

You look lovely. I immensely enjoy your writing, Courtney, and your artistic talent, as well.