Sunday, February 22, 2009

Too bad I don't collect M&M Merchandise

Driven to seek out any free attraction, we sat through an M&M's 3-D movie. It was worth the few minutes of our time, perhaps because I do not recall ever seeing a 3-D movie before...? There is a slight chance I saw the M&M movie during my high school band trip to Vegas, but no memory of it yet reveals itself, so we will just say this was my first time.

We admired the rainbow wall of candy coated chocolates but refrained from purchasing any ($12/lb?! What are these colors made of, crushed pearl dust??). Tourist trap to a T, and I am embarrassed to say we did fall prey to some extent. We obtained our sole souvenir of the Vegas trip while browsing at M&M world. While satchels fashioned from actual M&M wrappers were tempting, we ended up going with a charming Christmas tree ornament featuring Red and Yellow riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I still laugh as it sits even now on our kitchen table, a treasured centerpiece. Fits the random theme of our trip. m&m's 世界有不同顏色的m&m's 糖果 / 3D 立體電影院

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