Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes, We Have A Wild Side

我們去到拉斯維加斯 Er, maybe our Vegas adventure is tame by most people's standards. But we Tams tend to overplan and stay conservative with vacation ideas, so this past weekend felt pretty exhilarating: With less than a week’s worth of planning, we randomly road-tripped to Las Vegas from the 13th through the 16th. Even though we gave in to our "wild side" in deciding to break away at the last minute, we tried to stay frugal and responsible. Some sweet friends and family in the Vegas area let us crash at their homes, we ate out of our igloo cooler half the time, plus refrained from gambling (of course) which left us feeling balanced in our fun. Just enough spontaneity to add some sparkle to our eyes. The next five or so posts will tell the story. Enjoy.

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