Sunday, February 22, 2009

Walking the Strip

We walked the entire length of the strip twice. Saturday had perfect weather for being outside, though it got a little chilly when night fell. We stayed outside despite the cold, because after sunset is when the strip comes alive. When these Bellagio fountains danced up to their highest peaks, the water started sounding loud as gunshots. Spending ten minutes in front of a fountain doesn't sound very exciting; apparently it's one of those things you'd have to experience to understand. But we enjoyed it so much we watched the fountain show twice.

您能否找到佳妮?? 那个有白色襯衣是她 Inside the Bellagio, they had prepared a Chinese themed garden just for us. Year of the Ox, red lanterns, gold coins, and of course the lucky bamboo and panda topiary. (Yes, that Panda is a plant! Crazy)


有中國新年裝飾Encore Wynn resort also seemed to have an Asian themed garden. So Jerry joined the design as a live addition.

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