Sunday, February 22, 2009

Las Vegas Temple

我們也去拉斯維加斯聖殿 We recently made a goal to attend every LDS temple we come across. We have probably driven by three or four in our various travels previously without making time to stop on the way. But this trip we made it happen--we made the temple our first priority on Saturday morning. We did one endowment session, and felt pleased to see how crowded it was, as apparently we weren't the only couple who thought it romantic to spend Valentine's Day morn' doing service in the House of the Lord.
This temple has an interesting chapel inside decorated with reddish/orange browns to match the desert soil of the surrounding area. And palm trees at the entrance are always a fun novelty for this Idaho girl.
Sorry Jerry is not in the photo with me. He is our family's self-appointed photographer. Such is life.

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Valerie said...

What a handsome couple you two are. I'm glad you had a fun time. love ya'.