Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Guess Who's Home

Well, Jerry is home of course, as of this past weekend. He said it feels strangely familiar to be back in our new apartment--not quite like coming "home" yet because he had only lived there one week before leaving for the California trip.

But anyway, my current joy also stems from the fact that our car is home as well! It got dropped off this afternoon, and nearly took out a powerline or two in the process. Fun to watch (though not so fun to be the driver of the trailer, I'm sure). I met him out on the main street so he didn't have to try to turn the corners into our condo parking area.

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cornter said...

Hi! Beccca shared your Site with me, and then a day later I saw your comment on my post! Yeah! So good To see how you are doing, Isn't this so wonderful! I love this becasue I feel like family and friends can be dear and near. Thank you for letting me know how you are doing, say hi to all. Many wishes for your eternal happiness, you seem so happy and full of many great adventures! Enjoy every minute because no matter what life brings we can always create great memories, and so far you are full of great memories. Love ya!