Sunday, July 19, 2009

Random Assortment

Got a fun update from our Hong Kong fam...Here is Little's Ye Ye, grandad, (in the white shirt) playing his yiwoo (sort of a Chinese violin). He is part of a group that performs regularly and we are proud of him!

Here is Little's Ye-Ye again and Ma Ma (grandma, pronounced with different tone than Ma Ma, mother) on an outing to "The Peak." Aren't they so cute. We missed the Peak during our trip to HK last year, so it will be a must-see for the next time we go.

Now here's where we get really random:
Our friendly ward Polynesians worked the grill AND dj'd for our ward picnic this past weekend. Oh, how we love our new ward.

Here we are enjoying said picnic in the beautiful New England forest. There is so much greenery here, as you may note from the trees in the far background. We are looking forward to these trees turning gorgeous fall colors around the time Little Tam makes his big debut.

And speaking of Little, we finally chose a hospital birthing center! Weeks of research and stat comparisons later, we took the tour at one center yesterday that just "felt right." We have yet to narrow down a caregiver (doctor or nurse midwife) but it is good to have part of the goal accomplished. This birthing center has accomodations for a water birth, which we had not previously considered but now are curious to look into. Has anybody had a good experience with it they would like to share? Or do you know a good reference point to start researching it? (feel free to email or comment in the general box about it).


Cami said...

My friend Leilani had a successful water birth with her son. You can email her about it if you'd like:

Valerie said...

WOW --fun photos!!! We enjoy learning and hearing about your parents, Jerry. Has your dad done a recording? We love the beautiful tree background at your picnic --I'm looking forward to visiting MA.
"What Babies Want An Exploration of the Consciousness of Infants" is a fascinating DVD I checked out from the library, once upon a time. One excerpt in it features a family-water-birth with young siblings in the bare, joining in on the experience!

C Tam said...

Thanks for the help! I emailed Leilani, and requested that dvd from my local library. This feels so fun!