Friday, July 3, 2009

"Yep! I'm a Boy"

We had a lot of fun in the weeks preceding our move, but didn't blog about any of it because we started to get busy packing.

Here are the pics from my Boise baby shower, hosted by my cute sister Jessica. We all loved the balloons that gave their declaration, "Yep! I'm a boy!" and also visible in this first pic is a GORGEOUS handmade quilt made by one of the sisters who was in my ward during my growing up years.

To add to the baby theme, my brother-in-law brought in an armful of kittens for me to cuddle. It may be hard to count them, because most are solid black, but there are SIX little guys nestled in my lap here. My sister and her husband live in a farmhouse, and used to have a huge mice problem until they got a few cats. Well, now they have more than a few cats, so if anybody is searching for a good mouser, be sure to let them know.

These three women are all from my original home ward. We also had aunts and cousins come--what a fun group to reconnect with! It had been years since I had visited with some of these ladies.

From Left to Right: Childhood friend Holly (she is expecting a baby at the same due date as me!); Jessica the greatest sister; and me, enjoying another darling little boy outfit. Who knew BOY clothes could be so fun? We got cowboy gear, dinosaurs, little planes and dirt diggers, aardvarks, puppy decals, and all kinds of exciting themed clothes as well as lots of other useful items as well. Thanks everybody who came--we feel so loved!

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Glad you had a good time, Court!