Saturday, October 31, 2009

and the moving details are in...

This week we received some clarification on the when/where details of our relocation. We are headed to the only state in the US whose state flag is a pennant shape: This place is also home to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame:

Birthplace of the traffic light:

Also known as: "the Buckeye State."

Yep, we're headed to OHIO. Though we were told the stay in Massachusetts would be a year long, and initially felt dismayed at the thought of uprooting so soon, it feels increasingly good to move at this time. We are grateful for the opportunities Jerry will have working for a different division of his company.

We have just been told the exact start date for him in Ohio is scheduled for December 16th, which means we are moving out of Massachusetts shortly before that day, most likely about a week prior. Despite all the encouragement we got from you faithful readers over the prospects of flying with Little Tam, we have recently decided it is safer to brave the wintry roads than take a 5 week or so newborn into the germ factory of an airport during (H1N1) flu season. So a-driving we will go. Good thing I lived two winters in Canada and feel pretty secure about winter driving. The trick, I have found, is to just go exceedingly slow. And to stop driving for a bit if needing to wait out bad weather. So please don't worry too much about us, Grandma Ellie. =)

In other news, Little Tam is still appearing quite comfy and happy to stay in my belly. I am lovingly patient (but will start serious chats with him about coming out as soon as Halloween is safely out of birthing day range).

Happy Halloween, everybody.


Brianne said...

We will miss you when you move to Ohio! The drive to Ohio isn't too long though. I think we drove to Cleveland in about 10 hours, so it won't be too much of a haul. Hopefully you won't have to make it in the middle of a snow storm!

NessaAnn said...

Oh hooray!!!!!!!!! Where at in OH? We are only two hours from Cinci! We really really love it out here... I'm sure you will, too!

Jason and Jami Thomson said...

Nice hypnobabies quote...I can tell you have been listening to your birthing affirmations! "I am LOOVVIINNGGLLYY patient" LOL I love it! Oh the memories....are yall excited about Ohio? What an adventure!

Valerie said...

So, that's what a buck-eye is! Best wishes to the Tam Fam!!

Morgan said...

I hadn't thought about flying during flu season! Good call on that one! I wouldn't fly in close proximity to 300 strangers with a baby that new either. So unless I could get a private jet or something, a-driving I would go too. And you are a very patient Momma. Halloween or not, I'd be begging Little to come at your stage of pregnancy! Good for you for being so patient!