Friday, October 9, 2009

Heading into Columbus Day Weekend...

Ahoy, ahoy. Columbus Day is a public holiday in Mass. which is nice, so we are currently headed into a three-day weekend for Jerry. It was never a true "holiday" aka "day off" in the state where I grew up, though I do recall making construction paper ships of the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria for it in elementary school. We are going to Connecticut again this weekend for our birth rehearsal. When we went there two weeks ago to meet with our doula and hypnobabies instructor, we took time to stop by the Mystic Seaport. Jerry shot the photo above at the Seaport's dock; I think it looks like a painting! I always love Jerry's photos. The Seaport is a recreated, "living museum" of a colonial coastal village.
It might be difficult to discern, but there is a fluffy white jelly fish scooting along by this dock. We were entertained by it for awhile, as well as delighting in the tiny silver fish that kept leaping out of the water. There were hundreds of them, whole schools that would rush by every few moments. The world of water intrigues me--I could stare at the ocean all day.

Belly shot on the boat. We were laughing about how I barely had room to squeeze between the helm and the navigator tool behind me.

And another horsie shot. It has become some kind of tradition that we take pics with all the horses we stumble across in our travels.

A fitting way to end our journey: lay anchor. This baby is HUGE! Maybe twice as tall as me? I should have stood next to it for scale.
The Seaport was relatively interesting, though it is probably a lot better during some of their special events. For instance, they have demonstrations of New Foundland dogs doing water rescues, antique car shows, seafood festivals, and murder-mystery games set up for families to enjoy. If we go again, or were recommending it to others, it seems best to plan a visit during a special event since the Seaport itself is just a museum (albeit a good one).


Becca said...

I agree, that picture does look like a painting. To answer the question you asked on my one blog, I will be transitioning to the family blog soon. I am thinking I will put the announcement on their tomorrow since it is our 8 year anniversary.

Anonymous said...

ooow, fun!