Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Science Experiments

We visited the Springfield Science Museum recently. It felt like we were the only patrons there that afternoon, which meant we felt free to fully unleash our silly sides as we played with the exhibits. This video shows a special two-way mirror (?) which blends the facial features of both Jerry and a sneak preview of what our children will look like when they grow up!

Okay, so maybe our kids will look a little scary. Toward which end of the spectrum does this face lean--feminine or masculine?

Speaking of frights, Jerry was casually opening drawer after drawer in the children's room, finding collections of rocks, seashells, and other inanimate objects...when suddenly he leaped back with an involuntary, startled reaction.

These critters had "jumped" out at him, because somebody dislodged them from their pins. I was laughing so much. (maybe it was one of those times that ya just had to be there!)

The funhouse mirrors gave me an extra good belly shot. I'm in week 37 now, by the way! woo hoo!

This turtle was incredibly social, following us along the edge of his "river" and begging to be cuddled.

This turtle, on the other hand, did not move at all. He was actually dead. Gross?!

The water part also had cute mini habitats of various water systems in the world, like rainforests, coral reefs, and of course, our local New England Coast. Sorry the picture quality is a bit blurry--Jerry took all the photos and videos that day on his phone because we forgot our camera.

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Anonymous said...

The science museum has determined you will have handsome children! Cute write.