Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Waste not, want not

Since our condo is now officially on the market (the owner would prefer selling it to finding new leasees), we have started getting calls from the assigned realtors to schedule viewings. Yesterday morning after getting a request for a short-notice viewing later that day, I did a quick walk-through to determine how a stranger might perceive the place. What cleaning or re-arranging might be most useful at this last-minute stage? I asked myself. This lamp stood out to me during my walk-through. It was a bargain we purchased several months ago at the local thrift store, and at that time had a beautiful ceramic base--which promptly got broken through a mishap during the moving of our couch. As we Tams are not prone to waste anything that still has a semblance of useful life remaining, we found a way to make the base-less lamp keep functioning. It now sits on our bedroom dresser, balanced by a "cast" or splint of sorts made from taped pieces of cardboard, and a couple hand weights to keep it from tipping. Later we had to add string to balast the sides, so the whole contraption is currently quite a sight to behold.

I decided against dismantling it just to appease inspecting tenants or realtors. But I can imagine it might get a few raised eyebrows. Also, I am choosing to ignore the makeshift "curtain" we put over the window above the kitchen sink (duct taped washclothes hung by twine) and the cardboard box that functions as a wastebasket next to our bed. Instead, I will keep the counters wiped, the floors vacuumed, and the air smelling good, etc.--hoping that if the house is clean enough, our frugal decorating quirks can be overlooked.


Clark said...

Humble is good. If you haven't already, you might try watching the Russian version of the LDS church's missionary DVD, "Finding Happiness." The Russian's homes are simple but full of the spirit of God!

Sarah & Joe Walker said...

Courtney! I love this post! haha. How cute is that lamp! It reminds me of our christmas tree from back home. We would always have to use different things to keep it proped up. How funny! Good luck with trying to find someone! Sounds like a nice condo! Ps. Thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Susie Stout said...

Very creative with the lamp. You could just tell the agent to tell them you guys are all about going green and reusing things to save the planet... that would make you very chic in today's world.