Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This past weekend we went on a Sunday afternoon drive along the Mohawk Trail (which I think is in the Berkshires?) and thanks to the expertise of our local buddies Roger and Nieca, we saw some beautiful color. Actually, Roger kept claiming last year was so much better...but since we newcomers didn't know any different, we thought this year was great! Some of the most interesting views happened when we ventured on a mystery little winding road coming home, but we didn't stop for pics on that road. So here are a few photos from the main highway stretch: I made Jerry wear that shirt so he would match the trees. He's such a good sport. He told me, "But your shirt doesn't match any trees." meh. Maternity wear gives me scant options...=)
This valley looked more clear in real life, of course. Coming from a desert upbringing, I am always so amazed at the density of the trees out here on the east coast.

Biker gangs. They have the right idea--it is so much easier to stop and gaze at the foliage when you don't have a big car to worry about parking somewhere.
Note the bare branches in the background. I suppose we were just a few days past peak at this particular area. Actually, the color is best right here in our neighborhood--no driving needed! lol. We are grateful to get to live in Mass. at this time of the year.


Biotonico said...

Oh my goodness, you are looking so big! How exciting! How are you doing with...hypnosis therapy? I met someone in the Mother's Room who did it and she said she felt no pain either. Good luck to you!

Sarah & Joe Walker said...

Courtney! Thank you so much for your comment! Also this post is adorable! I think that its awesome that you are taking time at the end of your pregnancy to stop and look at the pretty leaves! I also think it's even more awesome/cute that you made your husband match the leaves! Sounds like something I would do too! Too funny! love ya!

The Sheldon Stout Family said...

so any day now!! you two are so cute, and are going to be the best parents! we really miss you. I need to check your blog more, it's always nice to read

Roger said...

The picture of you two is awesome! It was totally worth getting out in the cold wasn't it? Fun. ;)