Friday, October 29, 2010

birthday stuff

My birthday recently turned into one of those glorious week-long events, with lovingkindnesses showed me by myriad friends and family. I am so thankful to get to have birthday fun in both Idaho and Ohio. I feel very loved! One fun thing we did here in Ohio was to visit a local Hibachi restaurant. It offers free meals for the birthday guest. When Lo saw all the fireworks and clattering of the chef, his eyes just about popped out of his head and his mouth dropped open. It was so funny and cute how amazed he stayed for nearly the whole mealtime. We didn't have our camera, but just picture that our Lo looked like this:
The most precious part for Jerry was when Lo got a little scared of the flames (they jumped several feet high into the air!) and then our sweet baby boy clutched his daddy's shirt and snuggled into his shoulder for comfort.
Also wonderful: we shared a table with another family, and their boy was an aspiring magician. He did magic tricks for us while we waited for the food/show to start. Adorable.

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I can just picture it!