Saturday, October 30, 2010

unveiling of the costume...Little Pim

This is Lo's very first Halloween! He was born a few days after Halloween last year, so he just missed celebrating it in 2009 (well, I did decorate my belly, but that doesn't quite count as his first costume). We missed out on the Halloween parties put on by Jerry's work & our church since we were traveling on those dates, and then didn't go trick or treating since the holiday fell on the Sabbath this year--but we just had to find ways to document this cutest of costumes. So we took a quick trip to the local Sears portrait studio yesterday: Our Lo is sporting a panda look this year. Not just any old panda, mind you, but the multilingual Little Pim, who has been gracing our home via dvds from the local library as of late.

This costume is size 2T, but I'm certain he won't be able to wear it next year. Oh well. It doubles as a toy/stuffed animal since Lo has been playing with it all month, dragging it all around the house making growling bear noises at the same time.

The lady taking his photos insisted on doing crazy stunts like stuffing him in this basket, and he kept trying to climb out of course--which resulted in him falling and bumping his head (see the red spot?!) and then when I tried to say, "Ok, that's enough pictures," she said they had a minimum amount to take. So she made our poor crying baby sit there for a few more minutes while she clicked away. Crazy.
Anyway, Halloween was great. More good posts about it to come. I think. I am actually overwhelmed by how behind I've gotten on blogging stuff from the trip we took recently plus the holiday stuff and other everyday cuteness. What to do.


Allison said...

He is so cute!

Nathan and Heidi said...

Ooo... I love his costume. He looks so adorable. It makes me just want to hug him!

Valerie said...

Cute lil' Lo!