Friday, October 15, 2010

pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere

We have had so many pumpkins around our house lately, several had to be eaten. I felt a little cannibalistic cooking cute little pumpkins that Lo had used as playmates for days on end... But he didn't seem to mind eating these little friends one bit. Now, they weren't all LITTLE pumpkins, mind you. This ginormous one has been a lot of fun even before the carving stage:
Testing his strength yet again, Lo tried to lift it. Not sure how much it weighs, but it even seems too heavy for him to roll:

I like that his shirt color matches the pumpkin. =)

Here is the whole pumpkin family that we brought home this October.

I made Jerry stop for pictures as he carried The Big One out the door. Here it is next to a "regular" pumpkin for size comparison.

And check out the guns on my man.

We found half of our pumpkins at one of those road-side produce stands. Er, it wasn't an official "stand," but rather just some house that had an overabundant garden. Glad they decided to give us a bargain on the pumpkins.

Lo got suspicious of Mr. Scarecrow.
I love, love this season. Bringing all these pumpkins home has given me a real warm spot in my heart. Plus also, the chocolate chip pumpkin cookies I've gotten to bake from the pumpkins haven't been too bad either. I did try to roast the seeds but burned them. Good thing there are still three more pumpkins left to go...

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Valerie said...

Lo is our little pumpkin!