Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Out for awhile

We are vacationing with family in Boise right now. My little brother returned home from his mission to Australia Brisbane, Chinese speaking. We enjoyed his homecoming talk, and it has been sweet to hang out with him. He still has that delightful missionary spirit about him, and I like to have him speak Mandarin with Lo. Jerry had to go back to work, so he flew back to Ohio this morning. We should have a lot of fun pictures and stories to post soon, but before I get anything uploaded, I just wanted to say a cute thing that happened while we were packing last week.

I brought out our suitcases to the middle of the room while packing, and Lo thought they were his coolest new toys. He climbed all over them, and then started to spin the upturned wheels while making car noises. He likes cars and trucks and often makes an imitation of their noise when he sees them or is reading a book about them, etc.

I may have neglected to mention Lo also makes animal noises. He tends to do a growly noise for them all though--overgeneralizing, but we don't care because it is still darling to see he recognizes animals as something distinctive. He got to play with a cat and some chickens yesterday. Good pics to come soon...stay tuned.


Becca said...

I enjoyed seeing you and LO! He is adorable! Your brother must have been a wonderful missionary...he had such a strong testimony/spirit as he spoke. Enjoy your time here and have a safe flight back when the time comes.

Trina said...

You're in Boise!!! So close, yet so far away :( I wish I could simply drive up there and see you. If only life were that simple. That's awesome your brother is home. Have fun! Say hi to Jessica and everyone for me!!!

Anna said...

How fun that your brother went Chinese speaking! Coincidence? I think not!

Nathan and Heidi said...

I am so glad you got to go home to Boise and especially to see your brother. That is so fun and exciting. Enjoy your time, because it goes fast.