Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mormons know the most about the Bible

Wow, this is a fun study looking at religious knowlege in the United States. Direct quote from the study summary: "Mormons are the highest-scoring group on questions about the Bible." Granted, I am a Mormon and therefore feel inclined to believe such praise. It seems legitimate anyway, and they even have a fun quiz so you can see where you stack up with other Americans on religious knowlege. I'll take a moment to pat myself on the back for getting 100% correct on the quiz. Though I should point out that religious knowlege and spiritual knowlege are not the same thing, and I'm far from getting 100% correct in my spiritual walk with God each day. But I am trying my best most of the time.

If you want to focus on spirituality as well as religious knowlege, General Conference is happening this weekend. Yesterday I got to listen to the whole morning session almost entirely free of interruption since Lo took his morning nap at a freakishly late hour. Turned out for the best. I could go on forever about my favorite parts, but I'll just say for now that what stands out to me the most are themes of agency and integrity. I liked what Elder David M. McConkie said about a good teacher getting the students to act, not be acted upon. "A good teacher facilitates knowlege being caught rather than taught," he said. I have been thinking a lot about teaching our Lo, and especially wondering how to manage church now that our baby is so active. So I think I'll do a separate post on it another day, but do have some interesting thoughts now after prayerfully listening to the conference talks during Saturday's sessions.

Hope you can all tune in today to Sunday's speakers. Come, listen to a prophet's voice. And I hope we can all do better on our religious and spiritual knowlege--in America, and all over the world.


Valerie said...

Thanks for the recap, Court. Congratulations on scoring 100% --I only got 73% right!

Melody said...

Thanks for sharing!