Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Faces of Lo

A few more fun changes in our Lo department. He has discovered how to make a squinty-eyed face, which I laugh at every time. I like to pause this video at the 37-38 seconds mark and just stare and laugh at that crazy kid. He does the same funny face several times on this clip, so watch til the end.

He sings along with us. This happened for the first time a couple months ago at church, but more recently has become a consistent "trick," so I'll finally say he learned how to do it. Yesterday at family home evening Jerry and I were singing a song about bishops (we just got a new one in our ward!) and Lo came to stand in front of us. He put a hand on each of our knees, then swayed back and forth "aah-ing" along with us. That is how he sings; "Aah's" and "Eh's" etc. mostly.

He seems to revel in his newfound strength, and delights in carrying heavy objects all around--apparently just to prove to himself that he can lift them. A few nights ago he kept playing fetch with this large bundle of toilet paper rolls. Listen for his grunting and exertion as he lifts and carries. Also it cracks me up that he is so vocal in describing his efforts to us.

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Valerie said...

Can't wait to see you Lo, tommorrow! love, Grandma and Grandpa Steele