Sunday, September 7, 2008


I made the mistake of starting a bargaining process for a shirt I didn't really desire. Actually, I just had an honest change of mind from the time I initially started looking at the shirt to the time I decided there were more important purchases I should make instead, but this little seller with her five words of English vocabulary ("Okay," and "I go lower on price") could not understand when I tried to explain, "I need to do some other shopping first. After I find my little brother's gift, then maybe I will come back."
The seller grabbed my wrist and Would. Not. Let. Go. While Jerry's brother Henry tried valiantly to free me, telling the girl all the while how much I did NOT want the shirt anymore, (this time explaining in Cantonese), Jerry captured the moment on film. What we really should have gotten on camera is the way my arm looked after her vice-grip finally released. It had red impressions across the wrist and under my watch band that lasted for hours. These are the kind of adventures that one can only hope to have when traveling abroad.

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