Thursday, September 11, 2008

One-Year Wedding Anniversary

This might be the last post regarding our trip to Hong Kong... I sense a need to wrap it up on the blog (scrapbooking for it, on the other hand, may continue well into my nursing home days). Our final night of the trip happened to be our first wedding anniversary. The Tams know how to make a good meal, and this one proved to be my favorite of the whole trip (er, maybe I was just getting a little more comfortable with the cuisine in general).

2nd Aunt & Uncle came over, as did the aforementioned neighbor, Jeff, and Mom, Dad, and Henry were also there, of course. We had some of those famous creamy Chinese cakes for dessert--one mango, one chestnut--and even bottles of milk to drink. The milk in HK comes in small glass containers, and frequently during the trip I found myself getting tricked by it--some is fresh, "normal" milk, but other varieties list water, milk solids, and half a dozen mysteries as their main ingredients. I was none too thrilled about noticing halfway through drinking one jar of milk that it was not what I first assumed it was. The milk in the photo is "normal." I double-checked. "Glass jar milk" is one Hong Kong item Jerry misses while in the states, so we washed these two jars and brought them back with us in our suitcases.

We received several gifts for our anniversary (thanks, everyone!) and one of our favorites is from a cousin in Hong Kong: a pair of crystals with our photos imprinted on them. We will use one of the crystals for a cherished Christmas tree decoration, probably. But hey--who's thinking of Christmas before Halloween?

Actually, the next holiday in mind is Mid-Autumn Festival. We are going to a party this weekend to celebrate it. That is one benefit of a bi-cultural family: twice as many holidays!


Trina said...

Congratulations. It's already been a year, that went fast. I guess they all do. You both look so happy together~

Kitty said...

twice as the holidays! yes!!! that's all it matters sometimes, isn't it :D