Monday, September 8, 2008

Meeting up with long-time friends

Jeff (細東), in the middle, is a friend that I grew up with, since about age 6. I can't even remember how we met. Well..., it's too long ago. We did many crazy things as teenages, including linking a rope between two sky-scrapers (on the 15th floor,) using a plastic-bag "kite."

Hanging out at arcade centers was our favourite thing to do as kids. The last night of the Hong Kong trip, Jeff, Henry, and I went down to the nearby arcade center to relive our childhood memory.

Courtney got to practice a bit of Mandarin on the trip. Our friends Cindy and her husband Poon Dong Man helped Courtney with her Chinese during this dinner gathering. Other friends pictured in this shot all hail from the original singles ward where Jerry was baptized.

Gary (?明), Don (無良), Bear-bear, Chris (嘉華) were my high school buddies, who were my confidantes. We worked hard for our exam and certainly we played and laughed hard too. It was nice to see them again in HK after 7 years of separation. Bear-bear said (to me), "You still look fit, except your belly!"

We went to a Korean BBQ with Mom, Dad, and my first bishop from the original singles ward where I was baptized. Bishop Chin is a great spiritual mentor, and we found out he also is well-informed on the US presidential candidates. (Courtney did some research on Sarah Palin when we got home--thanks for the heads up, Bishop!)

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