Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ocean Park!!

We went to the Pacific Reef exhibit just in time for their feeding. So if the water looks cloudy, don't worry; it's just chunks of meat floating around.

We got to the sea lions in time to see one of their afternoon feedings. This big lion took nearly every fish--couldn't believe how fast he darted through the water. His chubby little seal friends in the same exhibit got nary a bite, so Jerry double-checked with the park official, "Do they all get fed more fish later?" Indeed they do.

The new jellyfish exhibit was also a favorite. Note the similarity between Courtney's frazzled hair and the red tentacles floating beside her head...

We decided it was our own feeding time, and found the cafeteria-style restaurant at Ocean Park is not a bad deal. I had lamb curry and also tried some dragon fruit and kiwi juice for dessert.

Jerry is pretty sensitive to sour flavors.

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