Sunday, September 7, 2008

Notice my hair is still in what could be called a french braid at this point of Ocean Park. It only remained that orderly for another fifteen minutes or so. The humidity proved itself an arch-enemy even more daunting than the scary food items, so if anyone knows tricks for how to make slightly wavy caucasian hair behave like smooth straight asian hair, please let me know. My electric hair straightener might have made a difference, but we never ended up getting a transformer for it. (is that what those devices are called?)

The photo at above right is the bus station where we departed for Ocean Park. The double-deckers are just as much a Hong Kong trademark as they are to London. (Guess the Brits probably gave this element to HK in the first place)

Next we have proof of how much Jerry's brother Henry is smitten by his sweetheart Sarah. I watched him line up this shot of her without her knowing. The following picture is the view seen from one of the attractions at Ocean Park. Breathtaking! Next Shot: Yay for the dolphin show!! We got second-row seats, where I hoped to get splashed to relieve some of my heat exhaustion. The kid laying down in this shot was an actor who pretended to fall in the water, but at first we all thought he was a real audience member who got called up to participate but then fell in. The dolphin rescued him and pushed him back up to safety. Then the sea lion rescusitated him. It was pretty cute.

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