Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Report

For date night on Friday, we made an excursion to the local shopping mall in search of Chinese attire to wear to a 中秋節 (Mid-Autumn Festival) activity. Faithful readers of this blog may recall the unfortunate occurrence in a Hong Kong marketplace recently, which disturbed us so thoroughly as to prevent our purchasing a shirt while on our trip. However, prices at the mall proved more unsettling than feisty HK market girls, so we decided to hold off on the Chinese shirt purchase until next time we go to Asia.

The date night fun renewed itself when we glimpsed a fire, juggler?...while on our drive home from the mall. We halted the car, did a quick U-turn, and visited the fire dancer's bohemian art gallery. Who knew Provo had such things?
On Saturday, Jerry demonstrated how his many skills extend to simultaneous cookie frosting and sno-cone eating. We were at an autumn social for our apartment complex.

He also found amusement that morning in chronicling my addiction to checking email. The delight on my face is completely unfeigned, as I sat oblivious to the clicking of his camera shutter. Karen, I think that ridiculous grin came from reading your email regarding the activity on Saturday--we are so glad you could come!! The activity was the mid-autumn festival everybody, and we forgot our camera, but it was amazing! Lanterns, Chinese dancers, food, and games galore. I learned a few martial art moves at one booth. Thanks Chinese Ward for the great time!

Lastly, while making some bread on Sunday (one of my twice-yearly attempts), I noticed the flour gathering in sharp patterns on the outside of the measuring cup. It looked just like the iron filings I used to play with sometimes in the garage while growing up (we had a welder). Some kind of bizarre magnetic attraction created by the slick plastic flour bag. And we promise that is the end of trivial weekend reports.


Cami & Martin said...

I enjoyed your "trivial weekend report." That's the stuff life is made of. I'm glad you and Jerry are both multi-taskers when it comes to eating and doing things. And that's too bad that you couldn't get a Chinese shirt.

Robot Love said...

as far as making bread goes - remember that once in winnipeg where u tried to make that recipe from one of the ysa girl's mom? and it was all over ur hands but not really on the counter? good time :) i'm pretty sure i have a picture somewhere *G*

Courtney Tam said...

Made me laugh about the parallel multi-tasking pictures. And regarding that Winnipeg bread-making fiasco, I DO remember (though I have tried so to forget)...Maybe I'll post that picture sometime on the blog if I can remember to scan it.