Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blow-out of epic proportion

There are no pictures with this post, and when you realize the subject matter, you will understand why I refrained.

Little and I had a quiet nursing session this afternoon on the living room couch. Abruptly I heard/smelled/felt that my wee son had a bowel movement. He began cooing at me in a most endearing way, but still continued eating through all the commotion. So I let him finish eating, then carefully held him upright as we walked to the bedroom where our changing station is located. Somehow in that small time frame, poop made an escape out Little's diaper from both top and leg openings. His whole back became caked in curry-colored excrement. Yum. I started laughing--what else could I do?--and then got scissors.

That's right, scissors...because there was no way I could see myself lifting Little's outfit over his head without getting poo in his hair. I HAD TO CUT OFF HIS CLOTHES. When clothes cutting becomes necessary, that is called "a blow-out of epic proportion," I believe.


Gisela-David said...

Haha! Where have I seen that happen before? At least it happened at home and not in a car seat or somewhere else. I know Little totally appreciated you cutting him out, rather than trying to lift the shirt off and over his head. We got some onesies from a friend when Hyrum was born that came in handy, kinda like a wrap around. You open it up and lay the baby in, put his arms and legs through the corresponding holes/sleeves then button him up.

Valerie said...

Thank you for the baby shower gift tip --for babies with mounds of hair, purchase the snap down the front style!

Spring and Sean Family said...

Oh yes, yes. In those early days I threw a few onesies away. Not worth stain sticking, but I never thought of cutting them off. hum . . . good idea. Besides you don't really save worn out onesies for the next kid.

C Tam said...

Oh yeah, I should have reassured you all that he was only wearing a cheap Gerber onesie. Of course if it had been a special outfit, I would have not cut it off.

It is pretty hard to give him a bath if I don't have Jerry home. I think once the baby can sit up on his own it will be more do-able.