Friday, January 22, 2010

What do we do all day

A friend of mine recently pointed out that I must be feeling back to normal since the birth, because blog posts are coming more frequently. Hah! What a funny correlation. But yes, I am feeling good most days and have figured out a (sort of) routine with sweet Little.
Each day has lots of play time. Little has figured out that if he yanks on the chain links of his gym, the whole gym will shake gloriously. Yesterday I laid him on his belly on his gym mat and glanced at him 30 seconds later to see that he was on his back! I moved him again to his tummy and immediately he rolled to his back again. Of course, when I got the camera to film his new trick, he declined my request for a repeat performance.

Helping with laundry. I have learned how to stay pretty caught up with what I call "the Big 3" chores: laundry, dishes, and meals. The rest of the house has its ups and downs.
Each day I try to keep Little upright as much as possible, because I am paranoid about him getting a flat head if he lays on his back too much. So I wear him in the baby carriers a lot, and last week decided to try out the Bumbo chair. He loved it so much, I wished we had tried playing with it earlier! Best five bucks I ever spent (thank you Craigslist).

If he sits in it for longer than 5-10 minutes however, his strength gives out and he starts to look like the Leaning Tower of Little.
We also do storytime each day. I read to him in English and Mandarin, and Jerry reads to him in Cantonese. Little recognizes the books now, and it is cute to see his eyes light up when I pull out one of his favorites. He seems to like three in particular: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Toes, Ears and Nose (a lift-the-flap-book). We translated that last one into Mandarin pinyin, so it is helping all of us learn cool body part names. Did you all know how to say "belly button" in Chinese (Mandarin). It is du(4 )qi(2).
Also, just this past week I noticed Little intentionally helping hold the books while I read. He bats at the pages and I let him grab at them when it is time to turn to the next page. He is growing up so quickly, it makes me have tears in my eyes just now to think about it. (heh, maybe those pregnancy hormones aren't all back to normal after all)


Holly said...

I am so glad that you're reading Eric Carle to him. Eric Carle is one of my favorite children's authors and his pictures are amazing! I try and read all his books with my preschooler children because they need to be exposed to good books and artwork. Glad Little is getting it from home :)

C Tam said...

I love Eric Carle too, and our home in Mass. was just a short drive away from the Eric Carle Museum!! He even came to visit that Fall while we lived there, but it was on a Sunday so I opted out of attending the reading/signing. Since we had the local effect, at Little's Mass. baby shower we received about a DOZEN Eric Carle BOARD books!! I am still in heaven about it.

C Tam said...

In case anybody who attended the shower thought I was exaggerating, I just remembered most of those were given by a friend who could not attend the shower but gifted afterward. =)

littlefamilyJLD said...

You are the cutest Mom! And I can't believe that you got that Bumbo chair for 5 bucks!!! You rock!
Little sure is darling!

Sarah Walker said...

Sounds like true motherhood is setting in! All the tedious/wonderful things! :) You're baby is SOOO cute!! And don't worry I'm pretty sure he will get eyebrows

Melody said...

Wow, I'm a little jealous! I wish I was in a position to read him books, sit him upright in a bumbo, and do other things like "normal mommies" get to do in my baby's first three months. Count your blessings!

Brianne said...

Leaning Tower of Little...I love it!

Little is pretty strong. It's hard to believe he isn't even 3 months and he's already rolling over and sitting up! Impressive Little guy.

Owen and Holly love "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" too. I've read it so many times to Owen that he can now read it to me!

TheTamFam said...

Well, he hasn't rolled over since then, so maybe it was one of those accidents. And he can't sit up without the Bumbo. He's probably more normal than it seems.