Saturday, January 16, 2010

Columbus Temple

I almost forgot to record something important from last weekend. We spent time with dear family friends in Columbus, Ohio and then left Little with them while Jerry and I attended a session at the temple. This is one of the smaller versions of LDS temples, so there were some interesting differences in the structure from most other temples we have attended. Actually, I think it might be the same blueprint as the Regina, Saskatchewan temple that I attended while serving in the mission field. The layout seemed familiar.

Anyway, it was a very unique session for me, because I felt simultaneously distracted by thoughts of my baby and noticed an enhanced, expanded view of the temple ceremonies in my "new mother" frame of mind. It helps me to feel my Heavenly Father's love when I think about how I feel toward my sweet Little. I am grateful God's plan for the world includes a way to build strong families that can last through eternity.

We chose a Chinese name for Little recently. Though I suppose I will still refrain from posting specifics on this name, I could probably get away with revealing the meaning of the characters: Son Eternal. Little, you are forever ours, born in the covenant we have made to be a family for eternity. We love you!

This photo shows Little a few weeks ago, wearing special jewelry sent to him by some of his Chinese relatives. They know how important our Christianity is to us, and included a necklace with the Cross. Thank you for being so thoughtful.


Holly said...

Love you! I always smile when you comment on my blog. I read yours all the time :) Hope things are going great!!

Valerie said...

Little's outfit has a Chinese look about it. He looks like a little man --pretty cute! We're glad you were able to go to the temple ---the temple brings peace to the heart. I also like the big photo of Little, that announces your blog. When you come to Idaho, please bring Little's jewelry to show and tell --thanks!

jamesandlindsaylattin said...

Little is darling. He is really so cute. I love his hair. Fun to see an updated picture!

Nicki said...

Little is so cute! We got your card the other day - I'm so glad you got the stocking in time. I was thinking about doing Little's Chinese name, but didn't want to accidentally make it mean something completely different if my shapes weren't right... so I stuck with English. Anyway. So glad you liked it! :)