Friday, January 29, 2010

My Favorite Youth

Check out the great Hong Kong shots on this video! And wow, make sure to notice the warm light in the EYES of these kids! Our church put together this video to inspire and strengthen the youth. My faith helped me a lot to get through the teen years, which can otherwise have some rough times. I'm grateful my younger brothers have good leaders and friends through church.

I have two teenaged brothers. Justin, seventeen, is the kind of boy who of his own accord gets up and goes early to church Sunday mornings so he can sing in the choir. He gives spontaneous hugs to his mother. He is quick to smile and just as easily makes people laugh. His poetry and other writings stir the soul in a way that makes me suspect he has some sort of genius in language.

David, fifteen, has always been the type of kid who comes home from school and does his homework before doing anything else (I was not ever that disciplined!). He is wise beyond his years with money, multiplying his dollars by hard work and saving. He has a peacemaking ability in the family, reliably calm and thoughtful. He has the self assurance to wear hot pink socks while running cross country, and makes it look cool.

Way to be strong, boys. Love you!


Valerie said...

Thank you, Courtney for the warm fuzzies regarding your brothers and pointing out the great videos displaying the Mutual 2010 theme. Justin and David were up in Moscow during the New Year celebrations so they missed the videos.
A lady in our ward, who is seventy years old, told me a sweet story about Justin. She said that he came up behind her at church, wrapped his arms around her and asked her if he could come and home teach her!

TheTamFam said...

Wow, he is a huggy boy.