Thursday, January 14, 2010

In which we explore another side of "White Ohio" (and this time we aren't talking about race)

One-armed snow angel: Both yesterday and today have had tons of sunshine. I decided to (finally) put Little in his snowsuit to go outside in the sunny winterwonderland but was dismayed to see his cozy suit was too small already! It is size 3-6 M. Yesterday I sorted through the rest of his 3-6M clothes and had to take out at least half of them that are too small. Crazy crazy.
So this is why we got a one-armed snow angel for our efforts. Only one of Little's arms would fit in the suit at a time. He didn't mind, because he always likes to have one fist available for sucking on it. =)
And he wasn't as uncomfortable as his face seems in this photo. Actually he was quite interested in looking around, but the sun was so bright that his eyes kept going squinty when I tried to take a picture. The only time he seemed to notice the cold was when later we walked to the mailbox and a gust of wind caught him in the face; he gasped. Really cute.


Jocelyn said...

too cute. Brock grew out of his clothes fast too, he was in 12 month size clothes starting at 7 months! just be prepared!

Valerie said...

Little is a cute snow baby. How much snow is there --we have zilcho?!

Trina said...

That's so fun! I can't believe he's getting so big!! I would have loved seeing his wind face.

momps said...

Your baby is just so adorable;) And do brace yourself for baby getting big faster tan you can say Little. he looks so cute in that snow suit.... pulled at my heart strings, reminds me of our little one. Palesa