Tuesday, September 21, 2010


In honor of the Chinese holiday tomorrow (or today, if you were in China), here are some photos we took recently on a grocery shopping trip to Chinatown: Year of the Tiger. Local artists decorated these statues, which appear to be guarding the parking lot to the grocery store. They are decorated in great variety--some had inlaid tiles, jewels, or other 3-D knicknacks, while others were simply painted in gorgeous designs.
And in a spirit of tourism, I flagrantly disrespected the artists' work and let our baby crawl on these lovelies.
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, everybody! We probably aren't doing much, but might eat a moon cake or two and go outside to say hello to the full moon in our sky. This holiday is similar to the American Thanksgiving, I suppose, if we had to make an illustration.

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Valerie said...

Very beautiful; they remind me of the buffalos in West Yellowstone, Montana. I wonder; do they do this each year with whatever animal is represented for that year?