Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harvest Fest, American Version

Last week I posted about our Chinese Harvest Festival, but today's post will cover our trip to the "American" Harvest Festival, celebrated at the local farmpark.  It was more "Western-themed" than mooncakes and lanterns, I suppose.  They had pony rides, peddlers, pumpkins, and...corn mazes (couldn't figure out a way to say that last one with a P). 
An apple butter cooking pot.  We got to sample the apple butter, and also had samples of a few different varieties of apples.  I think I have not yet explained the apple consternation we have in the Tam household.  I personally like all kinds of apples except red delicious, because more often than not, this variety tends to have a tough, bitter skin and mushy, bland insides.  I have heard they used to be delicious (hence the name) but modern fruit developers (is that the real title of those people?) tried so hard to get a beautiful red color on the outside that they neglected to preserve the flavor.  Jerry, on the other hand, enjoys only apples that are "sweet," rather than those that are "tart" or "sour."  He insists red delicious is the only apple variety he has tried that is reliably not too sour.  So we never know quite what to buy at the grocery store.  But sometimes I get red delicious just for Jerry and feel quite big-hearted as I do so. 

Anyway, you may guess it was with great interest that we sampled apples this day.  We consulted each other, trying to find the perfect apple for our household purchase that would satisfy both of us.  Turns out one does indeed exist: the honey crisp apple is perfect--sweet, crunchy, flavorful.  Too bad I'm not aware that any of our usual grocery stores sells it. 
During our last few visits to the farmpark we declined the pony rides because they cost a few dollars extra.  But this visit, Lo seemed enamored with the horses--finally!  Note his cuteness pointing to the horses in the videos below (if you watch just one, the last one in the lineup is the best).  So we couldn't resist letting him get the 2 min. saunter around the circle on horseback. 
Again, a purchase we made just because our Lo is so adorable.  He gave an excited grin to all these jack-o-lanterns-to-be, and then wouldn't let go of this mini punkin.  So we bought it and he carried it around in his clutching paws for half the day.  A lot of people commented how cute it was that he loved his pumpkin.  And we agree. 
Perhaps this child can never own too many pairs of overalls.  He has four teeth on top; they never show, no matter the size of his smile.  Interesting, no?  We've only caught passing glimpses of those teeth when turning him upside-down.


Susie Stout said...

"Perplexing paths of corn"
Oh my he is so adorable in those videos!!!!!
Looks like you are having fun, I tried to call you the other day but your number I have is wrong.

Valerie said...

Darling photos and movies of Lo. Somebody was telling me that the Red Delicious are not as flavorful because they are shipped all the way from China as compared to the other varieties being local --awww, China gets the bad rap, again! Honey Crisp is available here in the grocery stores but it costs twice as much as the other varieties.

Becca said...

He is SO CUTE! Just adorable! When will you be in Boise? What weekend is Brandon's talk? I would LOVE to go hear him speak, and catch up with everyone in the old ward.

Morgan said...

Oh, man! I could seriously just eat him UP! He's so cute!! What a handsome boy and look at all that gorgeous hair!