Friday, September 17, 2010

True Story

I read a book recently called Peace Like a River. As I do not have a copy handy, I’ll just paraphrase rather than quote from it. The author mused that sometimes people say, “What a miracle,” when they see something like a particularly beautiful sunset or a baby’s birth, etc. but while those are special events, they are still fairly explainable. This author argues that a real miracle is an event that leaves people squirming for justification. It most likely triggers some people to have an uncomfortable feeling—because miracles are events that stretch our understanding of reality.

Today I watched my doctor feel such consternation as he tried to talk about my latest test results. “I guess it is my job to give you some kind of explanation,” he shrugged. After lengthy pause, he described how sometimes an aggressive neck examination can cause thyroiditis. So maybe his examining my neck had caused my thyroid to fix itself?

He can take the credit if he insists, I suppose. But you and I—the praying sorts—know the source from whence miracles come. My hyperthyroidism is gone, and I can only thank God for it. The prospect of surgery seemed imminent, as two specialists agreed it was needed, and urgently so. But one final blood test last week declared otherwise.

Despite me being a person of faith, I have to admit part of me recognizes the uncomfortable side of this miraculous change. Because of the “fear of men,” perhaps?...I had already set in motion a plan to have help after the surgery, and now find myself struggling to explain to the dozen or so friends that I simply do not need surgery anymore and don’t know why. A month ago my thyroid was enlarged enough that perfect strangers commented on it; it caused discomfort and pain when I swallowed, and I did indeed feel at least half the symptoms of the hyperthyroidism my blood tests confirmed. But now my neck swelling has receded entirely, and it takes a specialist's trained fingers or an ultrasound to even detect the nodules.

Anyway, I’m scheduled to have a few more biopsies next month. Even though my thyroid nodules are no longer enlarged, they are still present. So it is something to keep an eye on. But I am thankful for the prayers of many, and the way a loving Heavenly Father has evidently seen fit to relieve my concerns. Being the primary caregiver of our young child, it was bad timing for me to have this surgery so even if I need to have it eventually down the road, any delay makes a big difference.


Madry Family said...

Glad to hear you are getting better. We will continue to keep you in our prayers!

Valerie said...

Yaa!!! What a relief! I hope a similar health miracle happens for your cousin, Amanda.

Morgan said...

Wonderful, Courtney!! Absolutely wonderful! Perhaps that's why you had such a hard time deciding on a course of action--none was needed besides your faith!