Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cleveland Art Museum

More belated postings from the last several weeks. In the latter part of August, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of our wedding. Three years--woo hoo! Since we didn't feel very good about leaving Lo with sitters (check that video after the temple trip to recall how traumatized our baby gets), I developed a theory on how to have quality couple time even with our baby in tow. We are pleased to report the theory held true over much testing. =) Here is my "theory": when we are with the baby, approx. 50% of our time talking involves him directly--speaking toward him, or including him in the conversation, or making him the subject of the conversation, etc. A separate 30% of our time talking does not directly involve the baby, but he manages to interrupt and fragment our thoughts/speaking regardless. That leaves 20% of the time we are together that ends up being quality "couple" conversation. Therefore, if our anniversary is technically 24 hours long, and we do not want to leave Lo for even a few hours of that span of time, then we need to celebrate the anniversary for about 144 hours (6 days) to filter out just one day of "quality" couple time, adding up all the 5-10 minute segments. Does that make any sense at all. Well, anyway, it made sense as we experienced it, because this anniversary WEEK was awesome. Jerry took a couple days off work, and we did something exciting each day--but mostly just enjoyed the time together. We feel renewed and refreshed in our relationship after having all these great anniversary moments. It was fun saying to each other all throughout each day for a whole week or more, "Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!" And then the next morning it was like Groundhog Day when we'd say yet again, "Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!" So. For one of our "anniversary days," we toured the Cleveland Art Museum. This place is glorious. Totally FREE every day for every person who walks in, it is rated the #1 attraction of this city. Here we are pictured in the catacombs section of the basement. I cannot even describe the awe at seeing art pieces that are thousands of years old.
This mummy was a little tiny person compared to that taller one in the picture above. Both were decorated with intricate hieroglyphics and gold leafing. They even had painted toenails. Ah, the details! So fun.

The African art was a favorite--totally exotic. I liked this nursing momma statue, because as soon as I noticed it, my milk let down and I remembered I needed to feed that Lo. lol.

The medieval section was housed in a grand hall that seemed as big as a castle. Fitting. Jerry kept saying he expected this knight on horseback to just ride right off the display unit, like in the movie Night at the Museum.

I wondered if Lo would get bored in the museum, and even feared we would have to spend all our time entertaining him instead of enjoying the art pieces, but this baby was totally entranced by all the art around him! Most of the time he just stared in awe, pointing this way or that way. I guess that must be the hallmark of good art--a person doesn't have to be educated, or even be older than a few months of age, and yet still be drawn to look at the art.

Weaponry. The glass cases made for some cool photos. We only saw about a quarter of the museum's exhibits before we decided to head out to eat some dinner, so we'll have to go back again someday. HIGHLY recommended for anybody to fit in a trip to this museum, whether you think you like art or not!

The video shows another part we enjoyed: the echo of the museum walls. That Lo figured out the acoustics pretty quickly, and then wouldn't stop yelling his joy for all to hear. We got lots of smiles from fellow patrons, and only a few sidelong stares from the docents and security guards. =)

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Valerie said...

I like that African statue. June Horsley has a number of African masks in her home. While I was standing at one of her kitchen counters amongst other ladies, helping to prepare food for Coltin and Candice's wedding luncheon, a heavy mask made out of pottery came tumbling down from the tops of the kitchen cupboards just barely missing us and landed in the sink. It still looked all in one piece. I mentioned to Aunt Gaylene about the photo you had posted of the nursing babe and mother. Aunt Gaylene said that Elder Ellsworth says that he sees things all the time over in Sierre Leone that he doesn't want to see and he's not going to say what they are, but Aunt Gaylene says she can just imagine what he sees!