Saturday, September 18, 2010

Carrying Stuff

Just a quick note to share something about that Lo that made me smile today. He has started to enjoy carrying stuff around with him. Often he carries objects nearly as big as him, like his giant stuffed pony, or a sofa pillow, or some of the clothing I've been trying to fold from the laundry basket. He just grabs something in one hand and marches off down the hallway.

Tonight Jerry and I were in the living room, and Lo was off wandering around by himself somewhere else in the apartment. Soon we saw him coming down the hallway dragging a whole blanket behind him. He was singing a song (waYa...yaya...ahAH), and looking around with this funniest squinty-eyed look on his face. Jerry and I stopped our conversation to just look and laugh at that baby coming toward us. We fully expected Lo would come join us, but he made a sudden right turn to veer into the guest bedroom instead. The hallway and guest bedroom were dark with no lights on. It was the silliest thing that he went off by himself, and we just never know what is going on in his head.

He walks a lot now, and definitely prefers it to crawling or being carried. Sometimes he throws tantrums if I do not let him get down from my arms to walk by himself. He is also balancing well enough to squat down when he wants to look at something, rather than toppling over to get something off the floor.

Anyway, there's the "short" update. I always go on a bit longer than I intend to--but what can I say; we love our Lo and could talk about him all day if people want to listen. =)


LittleFamilyJL said...

That's funny. I guess even babies need some alone time. ha ha.

Valerie said...

I love it when little personalities manifest themselves!

Morgan said...

What an overachiever, walking before a year! Cute little guy! Get some pics and video of him toddling for us!