Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Temple Tears and Rainbow Promises

In that previous post, I alluded to some of our quality weekends lately. Since a lot of our weekend fun happened to be recorded on Jerry's phone, it took awhile to get uploaded. Here is the beginning of my backlogged report: Three weeks ago: We attended an endowment session in the Columbus Ohio temple. This was as "extra" temple visit for us Tams since we have the goal of just quarterly attendance during our life stage and had already gone the month prior. We knew there was a ward temple trip planned, but did not intend on going until one of the stake leaders announced, "ALL endowed members should plan to attend." We felt an inner stirring to follow this counsel, though it would mean some sacrifice at this stage of young parenthood and living so far from the temple. As usual, God seemed to recognize the extra effort on our part to be faithful; we felt an abundance of revelation for ourselves during this temple trip. Definitely happy we made the journey, though it meant a few tears from that Lo. The video shows him in the moments following our return from the temple (he'd been babysat by sweet young men/women from our ward in the chapel adjacent to the temple). When we walked out to our car from picking up Lo, there was a rainbow flying over the temple (pictured above) and I took it as a beautiful promise from God that we would be greatly blessed as a family for our work in the temple that day.

Before driving home, we had dinner at Red Robins with some friends from church. Oh, and before the temple session we got to spend some time visiting with our good friends "the Jarretites," who live in Columbus. They just got a new puppy, and I was gratified to see that Lo has gotten to the age of being excited about animals.

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Valerie said...

Dear, sweet Lo --happy is the man that has his quiver full of them!