Saturday, September 25, 2010


A few days ago I was making dinner while Lo entertained himself at my feet. I glanced down absent-mindedly to find he had helped himself to the contents of one of the kitchen cupboards: He kept it on his head for a SOLID 5 minutes or more. It looked so entertaining, I gave it a whirl and found that yes, the world does look better through slatted holes. For awhile anyway.
Also note the strainer in the background and a few other objects strewn around the floor. Yeah, that kitchen floor is never clean.

And now that Autumn is officially here, this should mark the last of our naked baby posts. Honestly, half the summer he wore nothing but his diaper. Have I mentioned he does not like being dressed. I put him in sweat-pants the other day for the first time in months (we've just been having him wear shorts of course in the heat) and he went crazy trying to pull the pants off. Only he hasn't yet perfected the valuable life skill of how to de-pants oneself, and just kept tugging at the knee area. Pretty funny/futile, Lo.
Though I suppose he'll have the last laugh when he finally does acquire said skill and starts to spontaneously run around naked to his mother's chagrin.

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Valerie said...

I love how the simple things in life are appreciated by babies!