Friday, September 10, 2010

Lake Eerie Cruise

I promise these "catch-up" posts won't go on too long...but here's another one anyway. For one of our anniversary week activities we splurged on a little mini cruise. We still have yet to try a "real cruise," but this one on the lake was perfect for us right now. The day could not have been more beautiful, with blue skies, a lot of sunshine, and a light breeze off the water. Cleveland is known as the "city of bridges," so we enjoyed seeing all the different types. This one fascinated Jerry to no end, because we got to see it raise and lower a couple times as trains crossed and then our ship was allowed to float under it.

Lots of other people were enjoying the lake that day too. Sailboats are the prettiest boats.

That Lo had lots of excited yelling when we let him look out over the water.

The Cleveland Browns' stadium in the background, and Ohio's pennant flag in the fore.

The birds ended up looking fairly tiny once we took the photo, but in real life they were more easily observed and I liked trying to guess the different varieties. More than just the average seagull, I could have sworn I saw half a dozen different birds perched on these rock walls, including pelicans??

More Cleveland cityscape in the background, and Jerry hugging that Lo in the mei tai. Halfway through the cruise, after we'd eaten lunch, that Lo fell asleep to the rocking of the ship on the waves...and then Jerry leaned his head against the table and fell deeply asleep also! So I was "alone" for a few minutes to enjoy the cheesy, inescapable music.

Nothing much more to say about this photo, except that I just love the clouds and blue, blue sky.

We had a relaxing, lovely time on this mini cruise, and ended up being so glad we decided to give it a try.


Nathan and Heidi said...

That looks so fun. I wish we would have done something like that. I love the lake. How is everything going back in Ohio. We sure miss everyone!

Valerie said...

Oooow, fun ferry ride! I love how Lo loves the water.